Insulating your home is the single most effective measure you can take to keep your home warm and to save money on energy bills. A well-insulated home will provide year-round comfort. Installing or even improving your insulation will increase the amount of heat kept inside your home meaning your home heats up quicker and requires less energy to stay warm, saving you money as a result.

A poorly insulated home uses up to 30% more energy to heat than one with correctly installed insulation. This makes insulation one of the smartest investments you can make in your home. Insulation in most cases is generally a “one-off install”. It pays to get this right with experienced installers.

Snug Insulation Installers can come to you for a no-obligation on-site quote almost anywhere in the region. Feel free to contact us for more information on 0800 768 449 (SNUGGY)


Although landlords still have time to install insulation before the July 2019 deadline, they must now include an insulation statement in all new tenancy agreements stating if the home is insulated, where the insulation is, and what type and what condition it is in.

This helps potential tenants to make an informed decision about the property they choose to live in. Why wait until July 2019? We can help you get this sorted before your next tenant moves in.


Our Team of highly skilled staff, are experienced with your new builds. We take every new home on with advice on the best products to match site location, sound transmission whilst adhering to the minimum requirements specified in the plans. Our installation is done in a suitable time frame for the amount of product installed. The products are installed within Best Practice guidelines as per insulation standards NZS4246 at time of installation. We want your house to pass inspection.

From existing homes to new builds and  commercial businesses we can do it all.

We prefer to to install High-Grade products to meet Home Fit and Healthy Homes standards up to and beyond the 2021 requirements. If you would prefer either minimum grade products or alternative products please feel free to discuss this with us during consultation

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