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Insulation Range

The purpose of the insulation is to increase the energy efficiency in homes which means that you can save money on energy bills. By insulating the ceiling, floors and walls, you can preserve the warmth in Winter and keep out the heat in Summer.

There is a large range of products in Hawkes Bay generally known as thermal insulation, which reduces the flow of heat in and out the building and acoustic insulation, which reduces the transmission of noise from one room or area to another.

Thermal insulation is given an R value which measures the level of thermal resistance of the material. The higher the R value, the higher the level of insulation provided. It is important to consider the climate of your region before choosing the R value that is right for your home. In Hawkes Bay, commonly R3.6 is used for ceilings, R2.2/R2.4 is used for walls. A lot of homeowners are commonly having us install R2.6/R2.8 wall insulation in internal and external walls as these are also acoustic rated within the Earthwool glasswool range.

Snug Insulation provides both thermal and acoustic insulation products for supply and install, which have been tested and are proven to be safe to use by BRANZ, Greentag and Eurofins. We provide a great service in supplying top quality insulation products at a competitive price and installing the insulation products to create the most energy efficient building.

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