Existing Homes

Exisiting homes


Let Snug take care of the insulation install for you. We can install our preferred brand, or price something of your choosing.

Send us the plans direct to us and we can have a price to you in most cases within 48 hours. install@snuggy.co.nz

We have most products on the market to suit your new build, standard wall product, ceiling, and other products such as masonry to give your customers almost every insulation product that they could need, depending on their home.

“Our acoustic products, rated R2.6 and R2.8 for exterior walls, are higher rating than most other products on the market for performance”

If you are planning to build a new house, talk with us first and we can sit down with your architect and propose products for the future of your home. Most home’s are quoted for the basic install, however we can provide you with the “Total Package” to suit your needs and lifestyle.

As experienced installers of insulation, we take the time to look at your home in the ceiling and under the floor. We give you options on products that would best suit your home. We listen to every concern you have and advise practical solutions as suited.

We provide a quality service in all aspects of retro insulation. Every home is different and should be treated with utmost respect for its unique features.